Some say I'm a vigilante philanthropist... buuuut I'd have to refute the claims. I'm just trying to live life by my own rules and maybe leave Terca Lumireis in a little better shape than how I found it.
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Need I say more?

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Morning had passed in a half conscious blur and afternoon came with a vengeance. It was late spring in Zaphias which mean the mornings were crisp, the afternoons were uncomfortably warm (boarding hot as the season tipped its hat to the oncoming summer melt) and the nights were flu-inducingly cold.

All of this, for the most part, explained that heavy weight in Yuri’s chest which kept pushing out a cough every couple of yards. He hated being sick nearly as much as smug royals flaunting their unnecessaries. Problem is, smacking a cold in its craplousey face was a bit more challenging than doing the same to another pompous they-were-asking-for-it type. Not that he was in the mood for brawling with anyone.

After all, he just finished washing all the mud out of his hair from yesterday’s excursions and wasn’t in a hurry to repeat any of it.

And with all of this clouding his mind and distracting his typical focus, Yuri didn’t even see the man he simply walked right into.

Obviously, today was going to be another fantastic day.